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Mug to Mug – Free for iPad!

I’m pleased to announce my first app for the iPad. It’s called Mug to Mug, and it’s a fun little matching game for kids.
Check out more details at the App Store, and enjoy!


What’s New in Version 1.1

-Now compete head to head and mug to mug in 2-player mode!
-Features a new soundtrack


I’m letting my Apple developer account expire, so this game will be disappearing from the app store.
Maybe I’ll make a free web version of this sometime.

The Yuck Yuck Factory

When I was younger, my brothers and I used to read joke books to each other, but we’d read the wrong punchlines.
We thought it was really funny, and our mum didn’t get it at all.

I think it’s funnier if you get the punchline to fit at least a little bit, but this puts them together at random. If you don’t think this is funny you should still try it with a joke book.


Outta Yer Chair!

I sit in my chair a lot, to be honest. Too much working, and it’s been wrecking my poor defenseless body. I tried a few ergonomics programs, but most really aren’t that great, so I made Outta Yer Chair!. It’s a very simple application (PC only, sorry) that will remind you when you should stop working and stretch your horribly stressed back, legs, and whatever else.

Professor Hootsy’s Guitar Explorer

Professor Hootsy Collins would love to take you on a tour of the jangling six-string in this application called Professor Hootsy’s Guitar Explorer. As a guitarist myself, I hope finds favor with my guitar-slinging brethren and sistren. With P.H.G.E. one can explore the whole fretboard (righty and lefty), finding scales and chords, and actually playing the notes as well.