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Illustration Friday: Renewal

By way of an explanation, nothing says renewal to me like a phoenix being reborn in the raging inferno of the biggest cup of coffee you’ve ever seen.

As an aside, I’ve been hitting the decaf for a while now, and that fills me with great joie de vivre even in the absence of the typical psychoactive stimulant.

As a further aside, the city seal of my town (Portland, Maine) sports a phoenix and the motto “Resurgam,” Latin for “I will rise again.” That on account of being burned down four times, I kid you not.

Illustration Friday: Late

Late again! And drunk! Again! This wedding is never going to happen!

I was almost late in posting this, but I wasn’t, and also I wasn’t drunk (not my scene). If I had been late that would have been fitting perhaps, and if the topic had been “early” and I was late, that would have been ironic. Instead it is neither fitting nor ironic, and certainly not interesting enough to merit a paragraph.

This is pen with Crayola marker, some water, and then some color added in Photoshop. I don’t know what medium that makes this, but let’s say digital, because how else could you be looking at it on your computer? Eh? Eh?

Illustration Friday