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Hi there! I’m Vin Rowe. I live in Maine, U.S.A., on Earth, with Elsa, Ramona and Mika. When I’m not busy being a regular person, I’m a programmer for an educational website. I used to do freelance illustration, but now it’s mostly for fun. If you need to get in touch with me, it’s: thevinyouknow at gmail.

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  1. Ori

    Hey vin, I have created a game app in google play, and I used your font for the game (great font by the way)
    First, I wanted to thank you for your free font, and secondly I invite you to check the app as soon it will be ready, right now I’ve created a blog for it, you can check it here (it’s a free to play app).

  2. HMH

    Are you Vincent from Roanoke, friend of Warren, Randy and Gloria? If so, would you please contact me? Thanks.

  3. christine

    I’ve been looking around the web, trying to solve a perplexing problem. I’m just learning Flash and my intent is to base animation on scanned hand drawings.
    I found your link:
    and was using it. Unfortunately I ran into the same problem I keep running into. I Image Trace/Expand in Illustrator, but then when I open it in Flash (I used your method, but I’ve also Imported to Stage) I can only Break Apart once. Then Break Apart is greyed out. And so the color I choose fills all or most of the drawing. I’m using Flash CC. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. vin Post author

      Good question, Christine! I had completely forgotten about that tutorial, which is in need of an update.
      I’ll email you a possible solution shortly.

  4. Darin Lerbs

    Hi Vin,

    I’m helping out a customer, who in turn has a customer, that is using your Vin’s Dojo font.

    Their client is wanting to use the font for printing and we’re running into an issue where we nee to have the font embedded in the final PDF files. According to Adobe, there is a setting you would need to change to allow them to be embedded.

    Is this something you can fix in your font?




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