Before I totally forget, I made a new free font called CalliGravity, which you can download here.

You can download more of my fonts here.

4 thoughts on “CalliGravity

  1. Wynnell Gorman

    Hello Vin,
    Thank you for posting these amazing fonts!
    I build homecoming mums – it’s a Texas thing – really big corsages with ribbons. It is a Texas high school tradition.
    I have an electric cutter, & will use the fonts to create lettering for the mums. It’s a fun, happy tradition — & in these current times, it’s a joy to create some happiness for our high school students. This is my seasonal work – a 3 month 2nd job.
    I can add a note to my website, crediting you for the lettering that I use on the mums. Is that appropriate?
    Also, for your way of capturing business — by the way — it worked for me ! I don’t have an official logo — might be nice to have something cool on business cards.

    Do you create logos? something printable for for business cards, faxes, and not too complicated; something I could use for embroidery
    ( I do that myself as well.)
    What would you charge? I’m thinking wishes = stars, shooting stars, etc, but i’m open for ideas.

    Thanks again,


    1. vin Post author

      Hi Wynnell, I’m afraid I can’t help you out with a logo, but please feel free to use the fonts, and you don’t have to credit me. Good luck with the mums (a thing that I was previously unaware of)!


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